Role Model


Mindset Mastery: Drawing Strength from Others by Role Modelling

Mindset Mastery Skill #5 of 101: The ability to 'lean into' the strengths of others, by modelling them when you need to

Role modelling other people means we don’t need to be good at everything to succeed. Few of us have the time to learn to excel in areas that we’re not naturally good at (although it’s completely possible). So, what do we do when we find ourselves lacking in a particular skill? (Sales and marketing for me, for example!)

We might adopt a ‘growth mindset’ and decide to learn to be better at it or outsource what we’re not good at by getting someone else to fill the gaps.

OR we can do both of those AND add another powerful layer – role modelling.

How? Think of someone that you know who is consistently good at the skill you currently lack and learn to model them in the following ways:

💜 Physiology – notice the way they move or use their body.

💜 Intonation – adopt their volume, their timbre, their pitch and notice how that makes you feel.

💜 Strategy – what’s their recipe for success – the exact process that you can recreate consciously?

💜 Beliefs – what beliefs do they hold that allow them to be successful in this specific area? If asked, how would they ‘reframe’ your limiting beliefs when looking through their eyes?

This isn’t about being inauthentic. It’s about temporarily ‘leaning into’ someone else’s model of the world so that you can get a glimpse of what’s allowed them to embrace their potential in an area where you might be held back.

💜 Who would you benefit from modelling right now?