Perception is projection


Mindset Mastery: Recognising that Perception is Projection

Mindset Mastery Skill #7 of 101: The ability to recognise that your irritation with someone may be because you dislike that trait in yourself

Have you heard of the saying, “Perception is projection”? What does that mean?

As human beings, our experience of the world is a reflection of our inner thoughts, feelings, values, beliefs.

We recognise things that are somewhat familiar to us because our brains simply can’t process the sheer amount of information that comes in through our five senses. It’s why when we decide on the type of car we want to buy, they seem to be everywhere.

The moment a projection or judgment about someone or something else comes into consciousness, it is your perception – coming from within.

For example, if you get triggered because someone is being ‘pushy’, at some level, you might be recognising that trait in yourself. It’s not always the truth, but it’s certainly worth exploring with the question, “How might I be being too pushy or demanding right now?”

💜 Consider, what trait have you disliked in someone recently which may be something you’ve yet to accept about yourself?

💜 Found something? Now let go of the judgment or guilt. Embracing our shadow self is an important part of growth. Don’t label it bad or wrong, it just IS. Self-awareness is key to our success.