Mindset Mastery: Having the Self-belief to Know You’ll Cope

Mindset Mastery Skill #9 of 101: Having the self-belief to know that you'll cope with whatever happens

On my office wall, I have a sign that says, “Trust Your Journey”. It’s been there a while and is part of the furniture, but I still look to it when I’m feeling unsure.

I’ve proven to myself many a time in my 48 years, that when it feels like I’m losing something, it transitions into what I really need – even if I wasn’t consciously aware of what that was.

In the crappiest of times, even my husband will say, “Must mean something great is around the corner!” 😊

Believing that we’ll deal with whatever happens next, allows us to be present in the moment rather than stressing about the future. We can be aware of what our current experience is teaching us and take those learnings into our next chapter.

To achieve this you need to do 3 things:

💜 Remember significant times in the past where you felt that all was lost or that you couldn’t overcome a situation and notice that you dealt with it

💜 Locate the feeling of anxiety in your body and shift it into anticipation for what’s coming next (they’re very closely related)

💜 Concentrate on what you want (not what you don’t want) and TAKE ACTION! Movement feels better than being in limbo.