Mindset Mastery: Remain Open to Feedback

Skill #18 of 101: The ability to remain open to feedback and ‘try it on’

Remaining open to feedback is tough, I get it. In the moment, we regress to feeling like a kid getting told off and become defensive as our flight or flight response kicks in to combat a perceived lack of safety.

But when you reframe constructive feedback as simply a perception, you get to try it on and choose what to do. If in your heart you know there’s an element of truth to it, you get an opportunity to thank the other person for letting you know what you needed to hear (chances are they felt nervous about broaching the subject). 

If it isn’t based in truth and it’s merely a perception, then be grateful that you’re now aware of it and are able to take action to change that perception or sometimes, simply let it go.

Not knowing what people think is way worse than understanding how you’re perceived. Keep asking for feedback, keep adjusting, keep growing 💜