Claire Turner

You could say coaching and training has always been in my blood – my career started in the UK where did a degree in teaching, and I’ve used this as a springboard through my career in the UK and Australia over the last 20 years.

Hi, I’m Coach Claire. I help women who are feeling unfulfilled in life remember who they really are and break through what’s holding them back to design a life they love, using transformational powers of NLP coaching – neuro-linguistic programming and Time Line Therapy. 


I have extensive experience in helping clients become fulfilled in their personal or work life, having started my practice in 2015.  I’m also qualified in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, HR and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).


My specialist subject, and my passion, is Transformational NLP Coaching. Over the years, and seeing how so many women were unfulfilled by their work and day-to-lives, I started to formulate my own personal mission – to help women breakthrough their limitations and become happier and more fulfilled.

I get immense satisfaction from seeing my clients achieve a breakthrough that truly transforms their life – this is what drives me to do what I do.


In addition to coaching, I also work closely with charities, engaging corporate organisations in team building activities that give back to the community and raise awareness of participants regarding local issues.


I live happily on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney with my husband and son (although am able to coach virtually throughout Australia and New Zealand thanks to the power of technology). On weekends you’ll find me on one of the many walks in the area, or relaxing over a glass of wine.

My Qualifications

NLP Coaching and Therapy:

Business and Education: