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I meet many women in management and leadership positions who feel like a fraud. Often, they took on a management role after being in a business for while and tagged on the “leadership” badge, while desperately hoping no-one will find out that they don’t actually see themselves as a leader.


Are you feeling like a fraud? Or maybe you’re:


Losing sight of yourself – You may feel that over the years you have changed in your corporate role and become someone you don’t recognise.


Experiencing mis-alignment – You feel as if your “work self” and “home self” are misaligned, meaning that you’re not able to be your authentic self at work.


Suffering overwhelm – You worry that you are no longer managing your people properly because you have become out of touch with your own value system or are just too busy to stop and think strategically. You might even be on the verge of burnout.


Struggling to find your purpose – You wish you could take a step back and take stock of your goals, your career and work out what would make you excited to wake up on a Monday morning and be the leader you know you can be.


If this sounds like you, it doesn’t have to be this way. Anyone can be a good leader with the right guidance and space to create an “Authentic Leadership Identity” – a leadership style that is authentic and based on your natural strengths so that it doesn’t feel separate from you.


Often, all that is missing is for you to take a step back and consciously decide how you want to show up in the world. The power of that clear intention and sense of purpose is like a magnet – people follow you because they believe in you.

9 week Online Authentic Leadership Development Program for Women

How it Works

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Course Map

Module 1

How did you get here?

In this first module, we take a look back at what brought you to this point in time, whilst noticing your natural strengths and attributes to help you rediscover your best self.

Module 2

What do you want?

Having taken a moment to reflect on the past, we then get clear on your purpose as a leader and set an intention for how you want to show up in future and what you want to achieve.

Module 3

1:1 NLP Breakthrough Coaching & personalised homework


Module 4

Embracing your authentic self

In this powerful module we help you embrace your true self. We look at your shadow values, your pet hates and help integrate the parts of you that you don’t like to acknowledge, allowing you to fully accept and value yourself for everything you are and everything you’re not.

Module 5

What is there to release?

Having taken stock of the past, set a clear intention and fully embraced your authentic self, we spend time identifying anything that might be holding us back – negative emotions from the past, limiting decisions about ourselves or challenging self-talk.

Module 6

1:1 NLP Breakthrough Coaching & personalised homework


Module 7

Leadership tool kit

This practical module gives you a powerful leadership tool kit to draw on including a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence, adapting to the communication styles of others, approaches to decision making, delegation and the importance of self-care/boundaries.

Module 8

Influencing Others

To round out this course, we move the focus from your authentic leadership style to how you can lead and influence other to act. We look at elements such as motivation, engagement, influence and trust, resulting in a team action plan.

Module 9

1:1 NLP Breakthrough Coaching & personalised homework