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Personal Breakthrough Coaching for Women

Hi, I’m Coach Claire. I help women who’ve spent years looking after everyone else, get clear on what they want, reconnect with their authentic self and create a life they love, using transformational NLP Coaching techniques.. 

Though Breakthrough Coaching you can:
  • Embrace your full potential  by letting go of the past and creating a life you’re excited about
  • Gain greater self-awareness – by learning how to recognise your behaviour and thinking patterns and change them
  • Obtain a sense of peace and power – knowing how to manage your emotions and move towards your higher purpose
  • Build stronger relationships through showing up as your most authentic self and inspiring others to do the same

What is a breakthrough?

A breakthrough is simply a moment in time when you’re able to let go of the past and move forward without the limitations that were holding you back.

It’s like a spring-clean for the soul! I do it every year, because let’s be honest, ‘life happens’ and we need to keep on top of it.

It means you’re free to choose the next step for you (whatever that looks like) and to go for it 100% without the doubt that may have stopped you in the past.

Why is NLP different from other coaching?

Traditional coaching deals predominantly with the conscious mind. The problem is, many of our learned behaviours and thought patterns are ingrained at an unconscious level from a very young age and so we need to use the unconscious mind to release them.

That’s why Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is so effective and so quick. We work at a level which doesn’t get clouded by all the reasoning and storytelling that our conscious minds are so good at.

Instead, we re-set or re-program ourselves for success, letting go of all the negative emotions, limiting decisions and limiting beliefs that have held us back from reaching our full potential.

This leaves you with a blank space and the opportunity to design the life you love!

Then what? 

Then we work together with me keeping you accountable, helping you overcome any issues that may arise while you take action to achieve your goals.



About me

My specialist subject, and my passion, is Transformational Coaching using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy). Over the years, and seeing how so many women were unfulfilled by their work and day-to-lives, I started to formulate my own personal mission – to help women breakthrough their limitations and become happier and more fulfilled in their personal or work life.


In addition to training and coaching, I also work closely with charities, engaging corporate organisations in team building activities that give back to the community and raise awareness of participants regarding local issues.


I live happily on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney with my husband and son. On weekends you’ll find me on one of the many walks in the area, out on Narrabeen Lake dragon boating, or relaxing over a glass of wine.

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Trusted By Our Clients

Claire is a dedicated and engaging coach. A great listener, clear communicator, and able to connect with all people in a group. She was gracious to listen to every participant and makes every person feel included. Her superpower = somehow being able to coach a room full of people yet make it feel like an individual and customised program.

Sam – Strategic Relationships Manager

Sam, Strategic Relationships Manager

Claire is an insightful and highly skilled coach. She is a rare find and can highly recommend her services.


Business Coach

I can attest that Claire is one of the most intuitive, friendly and well-liked coaches I have ever come across. She is a highly accredited and regarded coach, and I have personally heard such positive feedback from her clients.


Richard, Company CEO

Claire helped me by exploring the root cause of my feelings of conflict and confusion, then supporting me, through smart facilitation, to develop strategies that worked in alignment with my guiding principles and relationship management style. The result was beyond expectations, a plan I developed, owned and executed, which allowed me to take control of the situation, and empower others to take accountability for their actions and responsibilities.

Capability and Change Leader

Michelle, Capability and Change Leader

I had the pleasure of working with Claire and enjoyed the coaching using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Claire is a highly skilled coach, professional and driven to make you achieve your goals and define a personal vision. I will keep using Claire’s services in the future for my personal and professional development.

Founder, Branding Studio

Claudio, Founder, Branding Studio

Claire and I worked together for nearly 14 years and I cannot talk highly enough about her. She has a rock on which I leaned, an advisor, and a confidant. Super high integrity, brilliant work ethic, scrupulously honest, funny, kind, tough when needed. As a facilitator, trainer and coach she knows her content really well, has a wonderful style and people warm to her immediately. Can’t recommend her enough.

Richard Wentworth

Richard, Consultant and Executive Coach

Claire is a warm and engaging coach who is able to go to the heart of issues with sensitivity and a passion to help her clients transform. I would recommend Claire to anyone who is looking to make lasting meaningful change in their life.


Senior Leader Global FMCG

I would recommend Claire to people who are looking for a pragmatic but inspiring coach, to solve specific real-world problems and at the same time learn more about themselves.

Abby Phillips

Abby, Divisions Operations Director


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